About iSpywildlife

Suffolk Wildlife Trust has developed iSpywildlife so you can tell us quickly and easily about the wildlife you see in Suffolk.

The information gathered will help our work to safeguard some of Suffolk’s most special species. Your records may directly influence our conservation efforts throughout the county.

For example, we will use sightings gathered from this reptile survey to help target our conservation and surveying efforts where it is needed most.

Our aim is to make the technology as user friendly as possible. We hope you will enjoy telling us about your sightings and that the whole family will get involved. The live map will enable you to see what others have spotted near to where you live; and you can share your sightings on Facebook and Twitter.

If you have any comments or suggestions about the way iSpywildlife works please get in touch: kerry.stranix@suffolkwildlifetrust.org